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Meet #JainiBahu, a prominent figure known for her remarkable achievements as a businesswoman, social activist, NLP expert, and counselor. She has become a renowned media influencer and holds the esteemed position of being the founder of the Group RDC (Rocking Divas CLUB)  Additionally, she serves as the director of the Rocking Divas Club, a flourishing community of 25000 empowered women.

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My Story

Passionate about women empowerment, #JainiBahu tirelessly works towards the betterment of society. She organizes monthly food bhandaras in slums and old age homes, providing sustenance and support to those in need. Her guiding principle is rooted in the belief that by helping others, one receives divine assistance in return.


With an impressive online presence, #JainiBahu runs a successful YouTube channel where she shares her expertise as a motivational speaker and collaborates with various institutions. Her positive mindset and unwavering dedication have garnered her numerous accolades, including the Women of Substance Award presented by the All India Achievers Conference, the Pride of India Award by SRL Media, and the Women Achiever Award by SNI News. She has also received the prestigious Biz Excellence Award from Navdrishti, among others. Political figures, such as the esteemed Manoj Tiwari Ji, Hanraj Hans , Rakesh bedi ,Raza murad have honored her with recognition for her outstanding work.

Despite her bustling career, #JainiBahu remains a devoted daughter-in-law and wife within her Marwari joint family, comprising fifteen members. She embodies spirituality and devoutly follows the teachings of Banke Bihari Ji, finding solace in her faith. Through her actions and positive outlook, she radiates peace and grace, captivating the hearts of all who encounter her.

In summary, #JainiBahu is a remarkable and influential individual, leaving an indelible mark on society through her business acumen, social activism, and unwavering commitment to empower women. Her extensive list of awards serves as a testament to her exceptional contributions, making her a truly revered figure in both social and royal circles.

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